1333 Broadway

Please click here to view the 1333 Broadway Recycling Reference Guide

Recycling is now required by NYC Law. This law requires the recycling of white waste paper as well as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books and corrugated cardboard for office space and glass, metal, plastic containers and corrugated cardboard for food and beverage establishments. Toner cartridges, if not returned to your vendor, should be separated from the regular trash. You may call your vendor to have them picked up. All corrugated cardboard should be flattened and left by the freight elevator for collection by the cleaning staff.

To help maintain our recycling program at 1333 Broadway, we have engaged the services of Great Forest Inc. On a regular basis, a Great Forest representative will visit with different Tenants to assist as needed and educate employees on correct recycling procedures. In addition, Great Forest will work with the building cleaners to ensure their participation in recycling efforts.

A representative from Great Forest will contact facilities managers in advance of their brief visit. Please afford them your time and attention. Should you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to call Great Forest at 212-779-4757.